The Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association – AESEMI – was founded at the end of 2021 by the companies Wiyo (Yocto Technologies), Imasenic, Kdpof and ICMálaga.

Its creation was motivated by the great need to digitalise processes, simulate more productive and efficient physical scenarios in real time, develop new technologies for automation, optoelectronic development and advances in the automotive sector, among others.

The aim of the association is to give visibility to all the companies that form part of the semiconductor technology ecosystem in Spain. Thanks to this platform, not only the growth of this industry is boosted, but also the option for large companies to have solutions to cover the commitments of decarbonisation and digitisation, which are a common factor for all industries, already at a global level.

If we want to talk about digitalisation in Spain, we must first understand the importance of the semiconductor ecosystem. Its expansion and evolution is what will guarantee a healthier planet, and a better quality of life for all.



To achieve national and international presence to demonstrate the value and importance of the sector and gain recognition in Spain and Europe.


To be the spokespersons in political/legislative agreements that allow us to promote the growth and development of the sector in Spain and Europe.


To be a showcase of and for our associates. Job offers, consultancy, services, alliances, projects and statistics of the sector, at Spanish, European and global level.


Facilitate access to financing, funds and other public and private support.


Preferential/preferential access to the use of tools, licenses, laboratories and others.

Founding Partners

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