We act as spokespersons and advocates for our industry before institutions. We advocate for the interests of the industry and work to benefit the ecosystem.


We help to disseminate and communicate your projects and their results effectively. We drive targeted communication to promote our achievements and progress, improving the visibility of the industry.

Sector Forum

We create a permanent space for networking and collaboration where ecosystem actors can connect, share knowledge and establish strategic alliances for joint growth.

Job opportunities

We facilitate the search for highly qualified profiles in the sector, helping entities to find the necessary talent for their projects and operations.


We offer advice on high-tech issues and developments in the sector. Our experts will guide you in making important decisions, providing valuable information on the latest trends and technological developments.

Funding and PERTE

We support you in your search for public and private funding, and help you to understand and access the European Union's PERTE CHIP and CHIPS Joint Undertaking calls for proposals.

Access to resources

Through our network of agreements and knowledge of R&D entities and institutions, we provide you with access to key resources such as laboratories, researchers and cutting-edge technology to drive innovation in your industry.

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We keep our members informed about the latest sectoral and legislative developments in Spain that may affect or be of interest to the ecosystem.




We have a team and partners experienced in managing high-level relationships in our industry.


Our in-depth knowledge of the complex semiconductor sector allows us to represent our industry in a unique way.


AESEMI has members with diversified experience, understanding particular needs and representing interests in a holistic manner.


Our association aims to maximise the benefits for its members by offering a charter of services designed specifically for this purpose.


We are committed to the development of our industry, collaborating with institutions and other private actors.

Think Tank

We have developed a dynamic structure capable of functioning as a Think Tank for our industry.


Working together as an industry, we strengthen our ability to develop an ecosystem in Spain that fosters investment and growth in our sector.

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