AESEMI Expert Panel

At AESEMI we consider it essential to involve all those people who individually want to participate in the association, contributing their experience and vision to the issues raised by the association. For this reason, we have launched the Expert Panel, a space where everyone with an interest in supporting the ecosystem can do so.

How can I participate?

All those of you who are interested in participating in the expert panel can do so by registering in the following form. The information provided will be subject to AESEMI’s data protection policy and will be used only for purposes related to the activities of the expert panel.

Access to the expert panel is free of charge for those interested, it only requires the willingness to participate and answer the questionnaires that are sent.

How does it work?

Periodically, the Association will send questionnaires or convene meetings of the Panel of Experts to consult their opinion on documents, projects, initiatives or positions of the association on certain issues.

The questionnaires will be sent individually to the e-mail address provided in the membership form, and will ask for express opinions and assessments, or proposals on the points on which AESEMI is working.

What do the experts get?

The members of the panel obtain:

  • Certificate of membership of the Association’s Expert Panel.
  • Free access to the activities of the association that allow it.
  • Access to the association’s newsletter and public documents.

The opportunity to participate in internal decision-making processes, contributing ideas to complement the positions and documents of the association.

Take part!