Clue, agent of change in the aerospace sector

Clue Technologies is a technology SME based in Malaga with offices in Madrid, which is positioned as a leader in on-board computing systems for the aerospace industry and other critical sectors. Over the last decade, the company has invested significantly in high performance computing (HPC) research and development (R&D), focusing on security, AI and massively parallel processing, through advanced semiconductor technologies, proprietary IP development and full vertical product integration.

Since its founding in 2013 by engineer and entrepreneur Ignacio Fernández, Clue has experienced several key milestones, such as its first R&D contract with Airbus in 2014 for the development of Wireless computing technologies for predictive maintenance within the framework of the RETOS programme, initiating its rise in the technology and aerospace sector. In 2015, it expanded its collaboration with the aeronautical giant on various projects, until in 2018 – a key date in the history of the Malaga-based SME – came a key contract for the supply of the health data server and usage monitoring for Canada’s C295 FWSAR programme. This milestone marks a turning point, making Clue a Tier-1 supplier to Airbus, with the company growing steadily from 13 to over 70 employees today. Expanding its product portfolio and participating in notable R&D projects such as IMASAT for the EU Clean Sky 2 programme, where it worked on the miniaturisation of its equipment and started in the field of microelectronics with the development of IP Cores for secure communications, Clue has become a reference in critical aeronautical, naval and ground systems, with on-board computing equipment distributed worldwide.

On the verge of its tenth anniversary, Clue Technologies fuses high-performance computing (HPC), advanced microelectronics and artificial intelligence (AI) software into unique solutions. Its primary focus is the research, development and in-house manufacturing of high-performance computing systems optimised to accelerate intelligent embedded software applications.

With extensive experience in HPC, semiconductor IPs and embedded AI, Clue leads in the development of integrated hardware and software platforms specifically tailored to the demands of the aerospace industry. The company is heavily involved in HPC development, employing advanced semiconductor technologies, both in-house and in collaboration. Its work ranges from embedded hardware and software development to firmware and kernel software creation, including key areas such as AI inference, Big Data, cybersecurity and agile development, applying proprietary IP and rapid prototyping techniques.

Almost 90% of Clue’s resources are invested in R&D, reflected in successful projects such as the aforementioned Clean Sky 2 IMASAT and the GPGPU+ Avionics for AI project under the Digital Enabling Technologies (THD) programme. Clue is currently technology leader in the SKY AI Connect project at PERTE Aerospace, studying multicore computing technologies for critical applications. In addition, Clue collaborates with leading entities such as Airbus Group and prestigious academic and research centres, such as the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC) or the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). The company actively participates in PERTE Chip and European Chips Act projects, focusing efforts on the development of proprietary IPs for semiconductors and on the research of a pioneering embedded System on a Chip (SoC) for safety-critical aerospace systems.

At the heart of Clue’s R&D is the WittyBox™ product family, comprised of state-of-the-art flight and mission computers that serve as the engine for advanced software applications. WittyBox™ technologies enable the company’s customers to analyse massive and complex data for better real-time decision making.

Clue stands out for its ability to manage the entire lifecycle of its products in Spain, including research, design, manufacturing and certification, making it the only integrated avionics developer in the country and one of the few European companies that can cover all these stages in-house. Its plant in the Andalusia Technology Park, equipped with Industry 4.0 technology, facilitates the scalable production of on-board electronic systems. This commitment to excellence has led Clue to be recognised as one of the two finalists in the 5th edition of the National Connected Industry 4.0 Awards, granted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.