OMRON and AESEMI sign collaboration agreement

OMRON Industrial Automation signs a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association (AESEMI). Thanks to this agreement, the association takes a further step in its goal of achieving national and international presence to demonstrate the value and importance of the Spanish sector.

OMRON Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation products with advanced technology and application expertise. From its European headquarters in Amsterdam, it operates locally in all European countries and is dedicated to providing high quality automation products and expert customised solutions for any sector.

This OMRON division has developed more than 200,000 control devices and applications to meet the needs of customers all over the world. They develop their control applications from the factory perspective, carefully coordinating the devices in their wide range. They also leverage their global support system to help optimise production sites around the world and create value.

AESEMI, for its part, represents the main Spanish companies dedicated to microelectronic design and semiconductor manufacturing. Its objective is to give visibility to all the companies that form part of the semiconductor technology ecosystem in Spain. Thanks to this platform, not only the growth of this industry is boosted, but also a window of collaboration is opened for large companies to find incentives to invest in our country in order to meet the commitments of decarbonisation and digitisation signed in the European Union, which are a common factor for all industries, already at a global level.

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