AESEMI welcomes the announcement of the State Society for Technological Transformation

AESEMI, the Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association, welcomes the announcement made by the Minister for Digital Transformation and Public Function, regarding the creation of the State Society for Technological Transformation (SETT), an entity that will have an endowment of 20,000 million euros.

The association welcomes this news, which we see as an increase in the current government’s commitment to promoting strategic technologies, such as microelectronics and semiconductors in our case. We consider it favourable that it can also integrate the current State Society of Microelectronics and Semiconductors (SEMyS), to strengthen its activity, provide it with greater resources and capabilities, and thus achieve an increase in the effectiveness and implementation of the initiatives already allocated to PERTE CHIP. AESEMI had already expressed on previous occasions the need to provide more resources to the current structure of the PERTE CHIP Commissioner and we are pleased that this request can be materialised through the new SETT.

Notwithstanding the above, AESEMI considers it essential that SETT’s actions reinforce, and not replace, the activities of SEMyS, in order to maintain its independence in the action and execution of the instruments and initiatives associated with the PERTE CHIP. This will be essential to maintain the confidence of foreign investors in the processes already underway, and to continue to make visible the investment and support needs required by the microelectronics and semiconductor sector in our country.

Following this new announcement, the association redoubles its support and commitment to the executive’s actions and, as we have always done, we are ready to collaborate and work for the success of the technological transformation of our country.