Ommatidia, specialising in integrated photonics, joins AESEMI

Ommatidia is a Madrid-based company dedicated to the development of LiDAR and 3D metrology sensors and systems based on integrated photonics.

Ommatidia LiDAR products are based on proprietary technology that enables faster, more accurate and wider-ranging 3D imaging than was previously possible. Like insect eyes, Ommatidia LiDAR products use a large array of individual elements to sample reflected light from the scene to be imaged. This novel bio-inspired architecture allows continuous wide-beam illumination to be used throughout the scene. High-power illumination can be safely used for the first time in 3D imaging. Combined with monophotonic sensitivity, high performance is achieved.

AESEMI represents the main Spanish companies dedicated to microelectronic design and semiconductor manufacturing. Its objective is to give visibility to all the companies that form part of the semiconductor technology ecosystem in Spain and to promote it nationally and internationally.

With this incorporation, the association continues its work to bring together and strengthen the Spanish semiconductor ecosystem. It currently has more than 50 members, including companies, institutions and universities.