Irida Ibérica joins AESEMI

Irida Ibérica, a technology company specialising in providing all equipment and services for the semiconductor industry, joins the members of the Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association (AESEMI).

Irida is a high-tech company offering products and services for a wide range of applications such as nano- and microfabrication, chemical and physical analysis and characterisation of surfaces, and electron microscopy. They work with leading companies in thin film deposition technology and nanostructure lithography, as well as providing systems that encompass the entire semiconductor manufacturing process.

They offer a wide range of accessories for any electron microscope and a large list of products for the preparation and chemical analysis of any sample. Their goal is to introduce in the Spanish market, the latest and most innovative technology that can be found worldwide, through advice from a group of highly qualified professionals and continuous support at the highest level.

AESEMI welcomes the incorporation of Irida, not only because of its experience and trajectory, but also because it represents a further step towards the cohesion of the sector in Spain.

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