AESEMI presents its proposals for boosting the Semiconductor sector in Spain

AESEMI, the Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association, has presented a document with 41 proposals to Boost the Semiconductor Sector in our country. The proposals have emerged from the consensus of the entire ecosystem, where companies, public centres and universities have been able to debate and contribute.

The 41 proposals are divided into thematic areas in order to address the needs of the ecosystem in a cross-cutting manner. These areas are:

Accelerating and confirming the implementation of the public promotion instruments: focused on promoting mechanisms such as PERTE Chip and improving the infrastructures for their implementation.

Facilitating access to funding for startups and SMEs: with proposals to boost access to funding from different sources, ranging from public incentives and aid to bank financing and venture capital.

Attracting private investment: Starting with the development of a national strategy for the semiconductor industry, which will enable the detection of strategic capabilities that attract investment.

Boosting the recruitment of skilled personnel and attracting talent: by addressing the great need for talent that our sector will have in the coming years, and developing a national plan to boost talent and specialised training.

Improving R&D incentives and eliminating administrative obstacles: Eliminating administrative barriers in existing incentives and improving access for the various entities in our country.

Operational boost to the semiconductor ecosystem: making our industry more competitive by supporting the entities themselves beyond R&D.

Semiconductor Governance Framework in Spain: developing mechanisms for industry participation and decision making, especially in the framework of supply chain assurance.

According to Álvaro Pineda, President of AESEMI: “These proposals represent a starting point for working over the next few years to generate a regulatory framework that allows us to maximise the opportunities that PERTE Chip is providing us with. AESEMI will continue to support the work of institutions to build a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

The proposals have been shared with different political parties in our country, with some of which AESEMI has been able to maintain closer contacts to analyse different initiatives to make the proposals tangible for the next legislature.