COSCE and AESEMI sign a cooperation agreement

The Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies (COSCE) and the Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association (AESEMI) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the sector in Spain.

With this agreement, both entities seek to work together to improve the Spanish semiconductor ecosystem. The collaboration comes at a relevant moment marked by the shortage of chips and the decision of Spain and Europe to bet on the sector.

COSCE was founded in 2003, with the participation of 42 scientific societies, with the vocation of being an entity capable of channelling the initiatives of scientific societies and representing science before society and the public authorities. Currently, COSCE brings together 87 societies representing more than 40,000 scientists.

COSCE’s aims include contributing to the scientific and technological development of our country, promoting the role of science and contributing to its dissemination as a necessary and indispensable ingredient of culture. This agreement is associated with COSCE’s initiative Science Meet Business, which aims to build bridges between leading and strategic productive sectors that require scientific development to which COSCE’s members can contribute.

AESEMI seeks to give visibility to all the companies that form part of the semiconductor technology ecosystem in Spain and to promote not only the growth of this industry, but also the option for large companies to have solutions to cover the commitments of decarbonisation and digitisation, which are a common factor for all industries, already at a global level.

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